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Organize your laboratory for efficient experiments

StockInLab develops web-based solutions for your lab. Our LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is designed to best fit the needs of scientists.

Amazing features

A better lab management

StockInLab LIMS provides essential features to help you to manage your lab and gain efficiency.

No need to read a boring manual or follow a training. Quick start thanks to the clear and intuitive interface.
Be sure that your valuable data are safely stored and restricted to your team members.
The most flexible LIMS in the market. Design your workspace to fit exactly with your need.
Time efficient.
Don't waste time to look for your reagents. Spend more time at the bench for your research.
Records lifetime is fully covered and retrievable to ensure trustworthiness of your discoveries.
Support 24/7.
Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you for eventual technical issue.
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Choose your plan

Suitable for every type and size of organization (academic/startup/commercial).

Design your workspace

Each inventory can be customised with your own categories, parameters and locations to perfectly fit with your lab environment.

For a quick start, import your workspace as a batch thanks to the Excel sheet template provided.

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Find in 10 seconds

The high level of customisation makes the search very powerful. Use the multi-parameters tool to easily retrieve your record.

StockInLab also includes a barcoding system with a label editor. No specific equipment is required, a webcam will do.

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Manage your lab space

Find in few clicks where to store your nearly arrived samples and check the filling level of your freezers, fridges, nitrogen tanks, etc.

Get a quick overview of your stock and consumption over time to plan your experiment accordingly.

Search records interface Search records interface

Track performed actions

Track every action from users and check the history of the records to ensures continuous follow-up and generation of reliable data.

The StockInLab audit trail system follows the guidelines from the FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

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