StockInLab main features

We are developing intuitive and user-friendly web-based solutions for your lab.
Check our main StockInLab features:

Manage inventories

Customise your workspace

Because every lab has unique needs, StockInLab enables its users to customise everything from the design of their storage equipments to the adding of new parameters.

Add new records

Select an inventory, enter the information of your record, select the location and the quantity. That's all you need to do to save a new record. You can also save it as draft to update the location later.

Consult the list of records

You can easily access to your records and use the search tool for a quick retrieval. Consult the details information, storage location and history of usage.

Print labels

Simply select the information to print and the dimension of your labels. Export your labels and print them with your usual printer. Labels can be edited in bulk to save time.

Manage your storage space

StockInLab offers a didactic overview of your storage space. You can access the details of the content and simply move it to another place. Check in no time where to store your new records.

Team collaboration

Manage users

Add and remove users in your team as people join and leave. Users can also be part of several teams to facilitate the collaborations in your organization. Different levels of permission are available.

Comments and notes

Records can be annotated by the other users to simply share important informations. Announcement can be made internally to your team.

Reservation system

Reserve the records you need for your experiments and let your team mates know. You can easily access to your reserved records and manage them.

Access public inventory

You can chose to share some of your records in the public space to be visible by the members outside of your team. If you are interested by a record shared by another team, click on the contact button to send a request.

Transfer records to other team

Send a record to another team so they can easily incorporate it into their own inventory. If you collaborator is not from your organization and/or not a StockInLab user yet, you can easily export the record details as an Excel sheet.

Share your records with other users

Invite members from other teams to access and edit the records of your choice when you collaborate on the same project.

Increase productivity

Insert bulk records from Excel

Use our Excel template to insert bulk records into StockInLab. That is particularly useful for new users to set up their environment or when you receive many samples or other materials at the same time.

Find empty space

Save time and energy by checking the storage overview instead of going physically look into your freezer. You can even see precisely which spot is available in your box.

Retrieve items

Find your records in few seconds by using the multi-parameters search tools. StockInLab also integrates a QRCode system to simply scan and edit or remove a record.

Integrated tools

StockInLab is more than a LIMS. We are developing useful tools to support scientists in their experiments planning. The serial dilution calculator is already available and a flow cytometry panel creator will come soon!

Multi-device compatibility

Start at your disk on your laptop and continue at the bench on your phone or tablet. StockInLab is fully responsive on various device to follow you during the experiments.

Data reliability

Audit of users activity

Every actions is logged and can be reviewed by the administrator. It assures the traceability of records edition or any actions done in StockInLab by the team members.

Record lifecycle fully covered

All the records have their own history from adding to removal. Records with empty stock remain in the inventory (can be hidden) if their information need to be consulted.

Expired record management

Make sure your experiments are run in the best conditions. Fill the expiry date when adding a record and get an alert when the date has passed.

Document attachment

Attach important documents to your records so everyone can consult them. Every formats of documents are supported even specific formats relative to scientific softwares.

Individual history

Consult your own history of records added and removed to help you update your lab book with the crucial information.


User permission

Select a level of permission for each user to edit the workspace or simply use the inventory. Update the permission of users who had left your organization to disable their access.

LDAP integration

StockInLab access can be integrated with LDAP to enable users to log with their organization credentials.

Database backup

Your database is automatically saved twice a day, so you are covered in case of connection disruption or major server issue.



During your first steps in StockInLab, our team is available to guide you make sure that your workspace is ready to use in a short time.

Support 7 days a week

Our team is reachable every day to provide you support within 24h.


Every user can access to the StockInLab documentation anytime. The documentation contains the step by step details of every feature available.

Choose your plan

Suitable for every type and size of organization (academic/startup/commercial).